Award-Winning Strains Of Indica

Indica strains are short, bushy plants with wide leaves. They grow faster and have a higher yield than Sativa. They grow to a maximum height of 6 feet and flowers in 6 weeks. They are known for their healing properties as Indica tend to have higher levels of CBD Cheap Weed Canada, rather than THC, which provides its patients with a mellow high. Indica can be compared to taking a sleeping pill. With its sedative properties it?s a popular form of strain amongst those who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and more.

The top awards include:

  1. The classic strain: granddaddy purple

This strain has been around since 2003 and its popular for its fruity taste.

It is a 70% Indica with THC at 17-27%. It has both a mental and physical effect on users leaving them in a state of intense happiness and self-confidence.

  1. The Celebrity Strain: Northern Lights

Its pungent Aroma has made it an award winning multi times.

It?s a 95% Indica with a 16-26 THC percentage with a  CBD level of has a mellow ?high? hence ideal to being used by persons dealing with sleeplessness, and anxiety

  1. The Euphoric Strain: Girl Scout Cookies

It?s 60% Indica with a 28% THC level and has won many awards for this high percentage of THC, also making it the strongest strain in the market.

With a 60% Indica and 40% sativa concentration its gives both effects making it a special strain. Has an earthy and sweet aroma and flavour. It?s popular for pain relief, boosting appetite and easing nausea. It?s famous for its effect on users for its ability to send them on a euphoric state.

  1. The Urban Legend Strain: G-13

A 70% Indica containing 22-24% THC. It is the only strain bred by the U.S government.

Has a strong Oranges Aroma and popular for medicinal values .can be used by persons suffering from  muscle spasms, appetite loss, anxiety ,depression and nausea, though not recommended for people looking for energy boost.

  1. The Stress Busting Strain: Afghani

It?s a pure Indica with 20% THC. It?s popular for its relaxing effects on users hence mostly used by people with anxiety, depression, and chronic pains. With its sweet flavour and earthy aroma Afghani has a mood boosting effect that leaves the users in an intense happiness mood.

Can be used for medicinal purposes for it has a deep relaxed ?High? without a hard hitting ?high?.


Contrary to what many cannabis users look for, Indica does not have a hard ?hitting ?high? but gives the users? relaxed feeling boosts intense happiness and also self-confidence. Indica has more CBD concentration than the THC making it a sedative and can cause drowsiness if not taken with precaution.

The Requirements You Need To Meet When Setting Up A Cannabis Dispensary In Alberta, Canada

Although the use and sale of have been legalized in Canada, many provinces still curtail the sale of the product through privately owned businesses. However, you can sell cannabis in Alberta province in Canada without any hitch only that you need to do so over-the-counter, as online sale of the product is still provincial controlled. However, you will need to meet the tough Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) guidelines so as to qualify for a cannabis dispensary license. WeedSmart Ontario also covers that market. Below are some of the requirements that you need to meet.

Site Assessment

Before you can be allowed to sell cannabis in Alberta province, your must be assessed in order to find out if it is secure from any risk. This will in turn involve assessing its risk level based on the crime history of where you have set it up as well as its layout. For instance, in case your cannabis dispensary is located in a mall, it must have the necessary design mechanism which gives you control of the people entering your dispensary. This is meant to control the access to your dispensary as well as the products in it. When setting up and designing your cannabis dispensary therefore, it is incumbent upon you to ensure that the site has been assessed accordingly.

Intrusion detection

All cannabis dispensaries in Alberta province are required to have been installed with an intrusion detection system. This is to help you, as the cannabis dispensary owner, to detect, monitor as well as alert you on any unauthorized access of your dispensary which in turn beefs up security of your dispensary. In addition, you are required to install a panic button at the counters, so as your cashiers can alert law enforcers on any eventuality that might occur. This will help you as the cannabis dispensary owner to know if there has been any intruder in your dispensary or not, as well as keeping your dispensary secure from any intruders.

Access Controls

For you to qualify for a cannabis dispensary license in Alberta, you will need to have control of the people entering your dispensary. As such therefore, you will be required to secure all your entry points including your dispensary store as well as customer?s entrance. One way that you can do this effectively is by installing access control systems like swipe cards at all entry points of your dispensary. This is meant to beef up security of your dispensary from any intruder and thus giving you total control of your enterprise. Remember that the security of your cannabis dispensary is paramount to your qualification for a cannabis dispensary license in Alberta province.

Things You Should Know About THC And Effects On Pets

Most people still wonder what THC and effects on pets especially when it comes to their dogs. It is also quite difficult for one to be able to predict whether or not your dog is going to be happy or benefit from the legalization of weed. However, even if you are only giving your pet weed for medical purposes, it is still important for you to make sure exactly what you are getting yourself to. You also need to do all the research that is needed. Most importantly, it is advisable that you first talk with a licensed vet so that they can be able to advise you accordingly. Weed doesn?t work well with dogs which is why you need to make sure that you are careful before any kind of administration is done.

Do dogs get a high effect?

When your dog consumes high levels of THC, yes they are going to get high. There are a number of ways in which this can end up taking place.

  • Secondhand smoke
  • A direct Ingestion of Kush Dispensary marijuana buds and leaves
  • Ingesting any food that contains weed or high levels of THC like butter or cookies

What is THC and effects on pets after your dog ingests weed?

When your dog gets to your weed stash, it is going to become high. There are a number of effects that dogs get when they consume edibles that contain THC. This is why it is important for you to make sure that you store your weed in a location that your dog is not going to get access to.

What effect does it have?

Below are some of the ways in which ingestion of weed can end up affecting your dog.

Blood pressure that is low

  • Lethargic
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Heart rhymes that are abnormal
  • Breathing problems
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of balance

Is weed bad for your dog?

There have been scenarios whereby dogs have increased their lifespan by simply making use of weed However, it is still important to make sure that all the research has been done so that you are sure of what exactly you are getting yourself into. Your pet is one of the most precious things in your life which is why it is important for you to make sure that you take good care of them. When it comes to whether or not dogs are actually poisonous, this tends to vary from it been moderate to actually been very severe. The symptoms that you should be looking for include:

  • Your pet walking drunk
  • Severe depression
  • Coma
  • Lethargy
  • Seizures
  • Hyperactivity
  • Respiratory depression
  • A heart rate that is low
  • Dilated pupils
  • Vocalization
  • Blood pressure that is low

Legal Challenges To Cannabis Industry Explained

Personal Injury Law Firm

A personal injury law firm is a business that is engaged in the practice of law dealing with claims.  Interaction with a law firm means that you deal with the company as a unit because it has many lawyers under its umbrella.

The first goal by law firms that deal with a personal injury is to help their clients to redress harm that occurs to them due to negligent actions by others.  It is an area of practice referred to as the “tort” practice.  A tort is a wrongful act that causes an injury to a party that an entitlement to claim compensation from the wrongdoers.

A law firm that takes up a case involving a bodily injury chooses attorneys in its team to act on behalf of an injured person to assist them to recover the monetary losses that occurred as a result of injuries. The representation involves more activities that appearing for a court sitting. It is the role of a law firm also to do the following:

 Identify the damages

Attorneys working at a personal injury law firm as a part of their representation identify the damages suffered by their client. They use the damages to establish a monetary value for presenting to the other side as a part of negotiations or during a trial to present the merits of a case.

Identify possible causes of action

Personal injury law firms’ first step to undertake when representing their clients is to identify the legal issues of the case and also elements of possible recovery for injured individuals or their families. For instance, an accident might be simple, but a variety of claims can stem from it. Some example of claims CBA that an injured party can claim include:

  • Negligence
  • Wrongful or torturous action
  • Intentional infliction of an emotional distress

A follow-up step by attorneys in a law firm after identifying the cause of action is to investigate the circumstances in which it took place. It might involve hiring specialist or independent investigators to analyze the circumstances and gather more evidence. Both help to establish the precise cause of the injuries during the accident.  Attorneys use a legal term “prima facie” to mean a valid or true theory at the first impression.

 Resolving the claims

An ultimate goal of a personal injury law firm is to settle the claims by its clients to enable them to receive fair compensation for the losses that they incurred after an accident. They help their clients to get compensation through one of these ways:

  • Negotiating with the counsel representing the offender
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation

Any form of negotiation is the method that counsels prefer to resolve but they prepare adequate evidence beforehand in the case it fails. They will use the facts to support justification for claims by their clients in a court.

For More Details:

What Advantages Come With The Legalization Of Cannabis In USA?

It is a known fact that cannabis has been found to have lesser harmful effects compared to the use of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. This is why the legalization of Cannabis in the USA comes with its very own benefits. In some countries, cannabis is still considered to be illegal even though many people out there are still selling and making use of it. The federal government needs to understand that people are still going to go ahead and continue smoking it regardless of what is going to be said. In the United States, a total of 29 states have gone ahead with the buy my weed online legalization of Cannabis in the USA. So, now you can buy marijuana online from highTHC and other dispensaries. However, even with the legal measures that have been taken, it has still been found to be illegal at the federal level. However, this does not go to say that there is no hope whatsoever, there are still numerous discussions that are been carried out so as to look for ways in which this situation can be changed for the better.

Can marijuana be legalized federally?

For the above to happen, then cannabis would need to be regulated and taxed the same way that alcohol and cigarettes are usually done. Another thing is that Congress needs to take part in this by voting for the reclassification of cannabis. It should be removed from the schedule I to a much lower classification. The benefits include:

  • Tax

In the states where cannabis has been made legal, all consumers are usually taxed on what exactly they are buying. With the tax that the federal government is receiving, states like Colorado, for example, have been able to make use of this revenue in the paying and clearing of its dents and part of the money has also been set aside so as to improve the entire educational system.

  • The economy

With high tax revenues coming in, this is bound to have a positive impact on the entire economy of the United States. If the legalization of Cannabis in the USA was to be done in all states especially on federal levels, then there is an estimation of $8 billion that is going to end up been saved as a result of this.

Medical benefits of legalization of Cannabis in the USA

One of the major medical benefits is the fact that there is going to be a reduction in the dependency of opioids.  It has been found that not only does cannabis help with dealing with chronic pain, but it is also a way in which people are able to get off opioids prescriptions. In the states where residents have access to medical cannabis, the death that has been related to the overdose of opioids has greatly reduced.

Looking Into How Legalization Of Weed Changed Colorado

When it comes to how legalization of weed changed Colorado and the impact that weed has had on all the public health state measures that have been taken, the results for this have been found to be pretty low. Just after 3 years when the legalization of the commercial markets of weed came into place in Colorado, the non-profitable organization that favored this legalization acknowledged the fact that it was simply too early for any line to be drawn.

However, when it comes to the DPA?s readings that were carried out, it was found that the end results were a bit encouraging before everything started out. Below is what the DPA report was able to find in regards to how legalization of weed changed Colorado.

  • The use of teen weed is unchanged

According to reports that were carried out in the state of Colorado, it was found that there were no visible significant changes in regards to the use of weed even after its legalization This is definitely an important issue that needs to be looked at mainly because of the fact that when young people start to engage in weed, then they are more likely to become more dependent and may start to make use of lots of drugs later on in the future. Because of this, the risk of mental and health problems is bound to increase especially when it comes to the use of weed.

However, opponents of the legalization have on numerous occasions tried to prove that the legalization has increased the number of teens who are making use of weed. However, according to experts, they have found that this trend was still the in place long before the legalization was put in place. All the preliminary data that has been provided has gone to prove that there is really no impact that the has had on how the youth make use of weed.

  • Arrests of youth because of weed use has decreased

After the legalization, it was found that the cultivation, the possession as well as the distribution of weed was found to have reduced. The reduction of these arrests has also saved the jurisdiction a lot of money especially since it has played a major role in the prevention of criminalization of residents especially the youth. The simple fact that states are no longer making arrests of weed violations, a lot of money is been saved in the long run.

  • No impact on traffic fatalities

The rate of traffic fatalities has been found to have remained consistent even with the levels of pre-legalization. Even though it may have an impact, the statistics do not go to prove that this is the case.

Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Weed Online

It goes without saying that getting your weed from online sources comes along with so many benefits. For instance, whenever you buy your weed from an online source, you are assured of your privacy, a wider selection of products and convenience, as you can buy it while you are tucked in your bed. However, buying the weed from the wrong source can be a huge hurricane, which can take you very long to receive. It is therefore advisable when you are getting your weed from online sources, to be extra vigilant, in order to choose the right source. Below are some of the mistakes that many people do when getting their weed online, and how to avoid them at all cost.

Not doing any research at all

Online shopping is very good especially when you are looking for the most efficient way to buy. However, it can come a long with its nightmares, in case you do not do your research well. For instance, when buying from an online source, you do not have to meet face to face with the seller. Therefore, you can never be able to judge whether they are good and trustworthy or not. It could be a person playing with you through their online platforms to con you. That is why it is advisable to do your research on the online weed source whom you want to from. Doing so will help you choose the right seller for you and thus get high quality weed.

Choosing online weed dealers with low prices

It is a normal occurrence that many people fall into, whereby, when they see a seller who is selling things cheap, they rush to buy the goods from that one person. However, it is advisable to first of all ask questions in case you meet such a seller, on why they are selling their weed cheaper that the others. Business people will always be business people and therefore, they will have to cover for the costs lost. This may make them sell low quality weed, which rhymes with the cost that they are selling their weed. Therefore, do not always rush for low prices, consider the quality first.

Falling for too good to be true deals

Although there are times when business people give their clients very good deals, in a bid to thank them for their support, it goes without saying that it is not always the case. Therefore, you should never be blinded to buying weed of an online source, who always has good deals to their clients. It is important that you first of all interrogate their intention and their deal, in order to get the true picture of what they are trying to achieve. However, never compromise on the quality of the weed you are going to buy.

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A Visitor’s Guide To Colorado Pot Smoking

A number of states in the US have legalized marijuana to be used for both recreational and  medicinal purposes. Colorado passed amendment 64 that effectively legalized marijuana to be used for recreational purposes. The amendment provides the legal framework through which rules and regulations can be formulated to govern the possession and sale of the recreational mail order marijuana The state has come up with rules and regulations guiding the recreational marijuana subsector. For visitors coming to Colorado for pot buying and smoking purposes, there are a number of things that you need to know. This article addresses some key points for a marijuana tourist visiting Colorado.

  • Buying marijuana– it is possible for a visitor to Colorado state to buy and consume marijuana provided that the visitor is over 21 years. The law does not exclude visitors from buying and using Get Kush marijuana while they are in the state.
  • Amount of marijuana to buy-as a visitor to Colorado, you can buy the same amount as a resident of the state. While a state resident with a valid ID can buy up to an ounce of marijuana, a non-resident can purchase a quarter of an ounce.
  • How to buy marijuana-you only need to show a valid government ID and you are able to buy an amount prescribed by the law.
  • Where to buy marijuana-You can buy marijuana from state licensed shops. However, you need to realize that some cities, counties and towns have banned use of marijuana.
  • Hours of operation of stores-The Colorado state law stipulates that stores must not be opened before 8 AM and cannot be opened past midnight.
  • Drugged driving-you can be prosecuted if you are high and driving in Colorado. The law states the amount of THC which should be in your system while driving. If you exceed the limit set, you can be prosecuted.
  • Weed and federal laws-marijuana is regarded as an illegal drug under the federal laws. The state that legalizes marijuana must demonstrate the fact that it has robust laws.  The Colorado state laws are regarded as being robust and the federal government cannot prosecute a person found using marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes.
  • Use of credit and debit cards– Due to the federal laws regarding banking, one cannot use these cards to purchase pot products. If you intend to purchase marijuana, use are allowed to use cash.
  • Where to smoke marijuana-as smoking of marijuana in public places is illegal, it is advisable that one consumes it while in their houses. If you have a rented house, however, the landlord has a right to say no.

The Pros Of Legalization Of Marijuana In Canada

Canada has become the second country to legalize the weed for marketing purposes. The first country was Uruguay which was followed by some USA states like California. There are various pros associated with this move as highlighted and explained below.

a)  Availing medicinal marijuana Research has found that marijuana is very effective in managing chronic pain that is associated with inflammatory diseases, cancer, incessant headaches and others. Legalizing marijuana means that patients suffering from these conditions will be able to access the much needed drug.

b)  Improvement in quality and standards The legalization of marijuana means that the government will set standards in producing the Shiva Buzz’s online weed sales from Canada, and marketing. This will assure the consumers that they are taking a quality product that adheres to the set standards by the industry regulators. The product will have the ingredients used, the quality standards and the expiry date. The will be labels indicating that amount that should be used and what to do if there is an overdose.

c)  Black market ends The legalization of marijuana marks the end of the black market. It means that dealers who have been engaging in the illegal business will either be recognized as legal or stop doing the business all together because clients will not buy a product that has not been inspected and whose quality and standards are questionable.

d)  Refocus the attention of police to other pressing issues The time that the police waste to follow up illegal dealers of the marijuana will be dedicated to other crimes affecting the community. There will be additional revenue generated from marijuana business that will boost the economy.

e)  Reduction on Gang-Related clash– In the regions that marijuana is recognized as legal, there will be a reduction of violent gang-related clashes that happen between the dealers and vigilante groups. It means that the safety of all the citizens is guaranteed as there will no gang-related violence.

f)   Increase in revenues The marijuana cannabis industry is very lucrative and has millions of money. This money will be collected by the authorities and used for development purposes. The dealers of marijuana will have to pay tax as per the law.

g)  Protection of the youth The young people will be protected from the harmful effects of cannabis. This is because cannabis will be sold to adults who are above 18 years. In the past, many youth have been exposed to the harmful effects that have injured their healthy. The legalization has stopped that.

h)  Creation of employment. Due to the legalization of weed, more jobs will be created in the retail shops to sell marijuana in large scale basis. This will boost the economy

How To Open A Cannabis Dispensary

Due to the legalization of cannabis in some states of the US, many entrepreneurs are interested in venturing into the business. Given the fact that the cannabis products are offered through clinics and dispensaries, it is important to be informed on how to start and run this kind of venture. This article is meant to highlight and explain some requirements that are key prior to opening a Kush Oil vape pen as follows:


To succeed in the cannabis field, you must be devoted and have the right attitude. You must commit yourself fully to the venture before you start enjoying the gains. You must be ready to learn so many aspects as regards the cannabis industry. For instance, there are many laws that you must learn about the cannabis industry.

Special skills

There are certain skills that are needed in order for you to run your venture successfully. These include organizational attributes that entail the management of both internal and external relationships. In case you don’t have these skills it is important to enrol yourself in a college that offers them. you can also enrol for an online course to get the skills.

Compliance with the law

There are many pieces of legislation that govern the cannabis industry It is important to acquaint yourself with some of the statutes and learn what will happen in case you don’t abide by them. You can also hire the services of an experienced lawyer to take you through the laws.

Rental property

When you are ready to open the dispensary, you need to look for a rental property that is 1000 feet from residential and other social amenities.

Business Plan

Before starting your cannabis dispensary, it is advisable that you develop your business plan. A business plan is a very important document as it will assist you to seek for funds from lending institutions and investors. The business plan will also assist you to evaluate how to face challenging situations in the course of running your business.

Essence of Education

In order to understand the cannabis field and operate your business well, it is important that you equip yourself with the right knowledge about the industry. You can acquire knowledge and education by attending a good college that offers cannabis education. This will assist you to understand the laws that govern the industry and how to successfully run a cannabis dispensary. If you don’t have time, enrol for an online course

Licenses and Certification

You need to be licensed and certified by the relevant government agencies to run the cannabis dispensary. You also need to inquire about the number of dispensaries that are required to be opened in a locality as some states restrict the number.

Buy My Weed Online The Right Way

For any business that wants to be successful during this era, it is vital to engage social media platforms. The entrepreneurs who engage in cannabis business must integrate social networking sites in their marketing strategy. The aim of engaging social media platforms is to provide informative and entertaining messages that will arouse the interest of your audience to buy marijuana products.

Many legal obstacles exist in marketing your cannabis products online, but there are opportunities that can be exploited. Many social sites are reluctant to offer cannabis freedom of advertisement, but shrewd traders can remain visible on these platforms. This article delves into the aspect of choosing the right platforms for your cannabis venture.

Identification of the Target audience

The first important step to take before using social media sites for your cannabis marketing campaigns is to identify your target audience who will purchase from the #1 Canadian ONLINE Dispensary. You need to establish whom you are targeting with your marketing campaign messages. After the identification of the target group, then create appropriate content and use appropriate social media platforms to send your message. There are various social media channels that can be used. We have common sites and those sites with people who have unique needs and interests.  Today even some local dentist’s like Kesteven Dental of Mission are using cannabis as a way to create a more relaxed space.

The Common Social Media Sites:

Facebook– When opening this site, you are required to provide important information about yourself. You need to provide information about your cannabis business and where it is located. FB is very important when promoting your business because you reach so many people at the global arena. Remember FB is sensitive to law and do not place adverts on prohibited products. Once they discover you, you will be removed from their platform.

Instagram– it is a very vital platform which allows businesses to post visual information. The platform can help you when you are branding your platform because of the pictures. You should, however, note that the platform prohibits promotion of businesses that are viewed as illegal and cannabis is included.

Twitter– it allows you to send short messages and bursts to the online communities. You can share with the audience any news concerning your industry and seek their opinion on various issues affecting the cannabis sector.

Due to the stigma attached to cannabis business, many entrepreneurs opt not to use these common social media sites to promote their ventures. These entrepreneurs have alternatives to use other specific sites as listed and explained below.

Dubby- the site targets audiences that are in the cannabis business. They can share videos, pictures and text messages.

Wildlife– this platforms resembles FB except the fact that the user specifies what they love so that they are directed to the specific communities and forums where they are fitted.


Økologisk mat i svangerskapet

Hvem bruker økologisk mat når de er gravide? Er det kun spesielle grupper? En fersk studie fra Folkehelseinstituttet gir noen svar. Studien omfatter nesten 65 000 kvinner i Den norske mor og barn-undersøkelsen.

– Vi vet lite om bruken av økologisk mat under svangerskapet, og målet for denne studien har vært å finne ut hva som brukes og hva som karakteriserer disse kvinnene, sier doktorgradsstipendiat Hanne Torjusen. Studien er et ledd i hennes doktorarbeid.

Spørsmål ble stilt om seks ulike grupper matvarer: Melk og meieriprodukter, brød og kornprodukter, egg, grønnsaker, frukt og kjøtt. Nesten én av ti gravide kvinner bruker økologisk mat fast, og egg og grønnsaker ble oftest valgt i økologisk variant.

Resultatene viser at økologisk mat er bredt brukt blant gravide kvinner i Norge på tvers av ulike grupper. Sett i forhold til dem som ikke spiste økologisk mat, var kvinnene som spiste økologisk kjennetegnet ved følgende:

  • De befant seg enten i gruppen med mer enn 4 års høyere utdanning, eller i gruppen med under 12 års skolegang totalt
  • De fleste var enten under 25 år eller over 40 år
  • Det var flest med lav familieinntekt (under 300 000 i året)
  • Mange var studenter selv eller hadde en partner som var student
  • De hadde normal eller lav vekt (kroppsmasseindeks)
  • De trente ofte – minst 3 ganger i uka







Totalt sett var det svært få vegetarianere (0,2 prosent), og et mindretall som drakk alkohol (11,6 prosent) eller røkte (8,4 prosent) under svangerskapet. I alle disse gruppene var imidlertid bruk av økologisk mat mer utbredt.

– Vi ser at selv om det er flere elementer som er i tråd med helseanbefalinger, er ikke økologisk mat i svangerskapet knyttet til det som oppfattes som en sunn livsstil i ett og alt. Det er heller ikke entydig knyttet til den gruppen som tradisjonelt har best helse – de med høyest utdanning og inntekt. Dette viser at det er viktig å ta høyde for andre forhold ved siden av utdanning og inntekt når vi skal forske videre på helseeffekter av økologisk mat i kosten, sier Hanne Torjusen.

Om MoBa

Undersøkelsen baserer seg på et stort antall kvinner som deltar i Den norske mor og barn-undersøkelsen (MoBa) ved Folkehelseinstituttet. MoBa er en unik oppfølgingsundersøkelse som omfatter 108 000 svangerskap blant kvinner rekruttert i årene 1999-2008.

Studien inkluderer 63 561 kvinner som i løpet av årene 2002-2007 svarte på to ulike spørreskjemaer i Den norske mor og barn-undersøkelsen. Det første spørreskjemaet, som inneholder spørsmål om generell helse, ble besvart i uke 15 i svangerskapet. Det andre spørreskjemaet handler om kosthold og ble besvart i uke 17-22 i svangerskapet.’

Sammenheng mellom koffein og for lav fødselsvekt

Gravide med høyt inntak av koffein har større risiko for å få barn med for lav fødselsvekt, uten at svangerskapet varer kortere. Dette er konklusjonen i en fersk studie fra den norske Mor og barn-undersøkelsen (MoBa).

Helsemyndighetene anbefaler ikke mer koffein enn tilsvarende cirka tre kopper kaffe daglig. I denne studien var også mindre mengder koffein assosiert med risiko for lavere vekt hos den nyfødte.

Gravide som drakk mer enn anbefalt grense på tre kopper daglig hadde 27-62% økt risiko for at barnet var lite i forhold til svangerskapslengde. Risikoen for prematur fødsel var ikke større med økende inntak av koffein. Derimot fant man en svak tendens til lengre svangerskap ved inntak av kaffe.

Over 59 000 deltakere i MoBa deltok i denne undersøkelsen. Svangerskap som var kompliserte med for eksempel svangerskapsforgiftning, kronisk sykdom hos mor eller diabetes i svangerskapet var ikke med.

Koffein overføres til fosteret, som sammenlignet med mor har mindre kapasitet til å bryte ned koffein. Kaffe er den viktigste kilden til koffein med te som en god nummer to. I arbeidet ble også koffein fra andre kilder som brus og sjokolade tatt med. Oppgitt inntak av kaffe gikk betydelig ned i svangerskapet, men 10 % drakk mer kaffe enn anbefalt.

Røyking hemmer fosterveksten, og kvinner som røyker i svangerskapet, drikker også mer kaffe. Analysene tok hensyn til røyking og andre forhold som kan virke inn på inntak av koffein og fødselsvekt. Også blant ikke-røykere var det en klar sammenheng mellom inntak av koffein og fødselsvekt. Dette er den største studien hittil som har undersøkt sammenhengen mellom koffein, fødselsvekt og svangerskapslengde.

Fødselsvekt kan ha betydning for helsen til barnet både på kort sikt og i et livsperspektiv. Forskergruppen håper å kunne undersøke om det er koffein direkte som påvirker fosterveksten, og om sykelighet hos veksthemmede nyfødte kan kobles til koffeininntak. Studien gir ikke svar på hvorfor koffein eventuelt hemmer fosterveksten.