Reasons why people like Benefits micro-dosing magic mushrooms

Micro-dosing refers to the action of regularly taking a shallow dose of a mind-altering drug. It usually carries the substance in a small fraction, for example, 1/10 of an average amount. Magic mushrooms are naturally occurring types of mushrooms. They typically grow in South America, the United States, Mexico, and Europe. 

This article discusses the reasons that make people take micro- dosing magic mushrooms to be of benefit. Therefore, discussed below are the reasons for people taking small doses of magic mushrooms regularly. These reasons are reported benefits that the users usually testify of micro-dosing during research done in the United States. 

Improving the functioning of the brain 

Most micro dozers believe that taking microdoses regular helps to improve their level of intelligence. It permits their brains to function at the maximum possible and makes them extra open to new thoughts. All the mentioned is just observational evidence. 

The improved brain functioning feedback happens when people take doses and not during zero dosings. 

Boosts creativity 

Creativity is the act of turning imaginative and new ideas into reality. Although this is hard to authenticate, those who take minute doses of psilocybin report that it boosts their faculties of imagination. This benefit is possible only when one takes the correct amount regularly. 

Focus enhancement  

Taking small doses of magic mushroom is reported to boost focus though temporarily by the micro dozers. It allows the person to work on a big project without the brain wandering. 

Improves mental health 

Mental health is one of the many reasons people engage in the regular taking of small doses of psilocybin.  

 Resigning some additional habits 

A study based on observation of the micro dozers promises that it helps them stop other behaviors. Some even say that they do not want to take any stimulant to make them high under their small doses. 

Improvement in productivity 

When taking a small dose of substance to approach some anticipated objectives, the people reported that they efficiently produce high output during their micro-dosing days than those free from those small doses.  

Other reported benefits of taking small doses of substances include improved concentration, mindfulness, energy improvement, mood enhancement, motivation, productivity, etc.  

Some people usually use micro-dosing to ease depression and anxiety as well as increasing perception. However, most of them do it one day and give themselves about 1-2 days off not to build up lenience and test the next day’s excess impacts. 

The effects of the practice vary from one person to the other. Therefore, making it not a rule for everyone, and those using magic- mushrooms should approach them with care. 

The bottom line has been to highlight some reasons people find themselves prone to micro-dosing magic mushrooms. Most of the highlighted reasons are just from an anecdotal indication and not proven facts, and the respondents expressed them inform of benefits they obtain from the practice.  Most of the population uses micro-dosing for recreational or spiritual purposes.  

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