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Personal Injury Law Firm

A personal injury law firm is a business that is engaged in the practice of law dealing with claims.  Interaction with a law firm means that you deal with the company as a unit because it has many lawyers under its umbrella.

The first goal by law firms that deal with a personal injury is to help their clients to redress harm that occurs to them due to negligent actions by others.  It is an area of practice referred to as the “tort” practice.  A tort is a wrongful act that causes an injury to a party that an entitlement to claim compensation from the wrongdoers.

A law firm that takes up a case involving a bodily injury chooses attorneys in its team to act on behalf of an injured person to assist them to recover the monetary losses that occurred as a result of injuries. The representation involves more activities that appearing for a court sitting. It is the role of a law firm also to do the following:

 Identify the damages

Attorneys working at a personal injury law firm as a part of their representation identify the damages suffered by their client. They use the damages to establish a monetary value for presenting to the other side as a part of negotiations or during a trial to present the merits of a case.

Identify possible causes of action

Personal injury law firms’ first step to undertake when representing their clients is to identify the legal issues of the case and also elements of possible recovery for injured individuals or their families. For instance, an accident might be simple, but a variety of claims can stem from it. Some example of claims CBA that an injured party can claim include:

  • Negligence
  • Wrongful or torturous action
  • Intentional infliction of an emotional distress

A follow-up step by attorneys in a law firm after identifying the cause of action is to investigate the circumstances in which it took place. It might involve hiring specialist or independent investigators to analyze the circumstances and gather more evidence. Both help to establish the precise cause of the injuries during the accident.  Attorneys use a legal term “prima facie” to mean a valid or true theory at the first impression.

 Resolving the claims

An ultimate goal of a personal injury law firm is to settle the claims by its clients to enable them to receive fair compensation for the losses that they incurred after an accident. They help their clients to get compensation through one of these ways:

  • Negotiating with the counsel representing the offender
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation

Any form of negotiation is the method that counsels prefer to resolve but they prepare adequate evidence beforehand in the case it fails. They will use the facts to support justification for claims by their clients in a court.

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