The Requirements You Need To Meet When Setting Up A Cannabis Dispensary In Alberta, Canada

Although the use and sale of have been legalized in Canada, many provinces still curtail the sale of the product through privately owned businesses. However, you can sell cannabis in Alberta province in Canada without any hitch only that you need to do so over-the-counter, as online sale of the product is still provincial controlled. However, you will need to meet the tough Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) guidelines so as to qualify for a cannabis dispensary license. WeedSmart Ontario also covers that market. Below are some of the requirements that you need to meet.

Site Assessment

Before you can be allowed to sell cannabis in Alberta province, your must be assessed in order to find out if it is secure from any risk. This will in turn involve assessing its risk level based on the crime history of where you have set it up as well as its layout. For instance, in case your cannabis dispensary is located in a mall, it must have the necessary design mechanism which gives you control of the people entering your dispensary. This is meant to control the access to your dispensary as well as the products in it. When setting up and designing your cannabis dispensary therefore, it is incumbent upon you to ensure that the site has been assessed accordingly.

Intrusion detection

All cannabis dispensaries in Alberta province are required to have been installed with an intrusion detection system. This is to help you, as the cannabis dispensary owner, to detect, monitor as well as alert you on any unauthorized access of your dispensary which in turn beefs up security of your dispensary. In addition, you are required to install a panic button at the counters, so as your cashiers can alert law enforcers on any eventuality that might occur. This will help you as the cannabis dispensary owner to know if there has been any intruder in your dispensary or not, as well as keeping your dispensary secure from any intruders.

Access Controls

For you to qualify for a cannabis dispensary license in Alberta, you will need to have control of the people entering your dispensary. As such therefore, you will be required to secure all your entry points including your dispensary store as well as customer?s entrance. One way that you can do this effectively is by installing access control systems like swipe cards at all entry points of your dispensary. This is meant to beef up security of your dispensary from any intruder and thus giving you total control of your enterprise. Remember that the security of your cannabis dispensary is paramount to your qualification for a cannabis dispensary license in Alberta province.