Award-Winning Strains Of Indica

Indica strains are short, bushy plants with wide leaves. They grow faster and have a higher yield than Sativa. They grow to a maximum height of 6 feet and flowers in 6 weeks. They are known for their healing properties as Indica tend to have higher levels of CBD Cheap Weed Canada, rather than THC, which provides its patients with a mellow high. Indica can be compared to taking a sleeping pill. With its sedative properties it?s a popular form of strain amongst those who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and more.

The top awards include:

  1. The classic strain: granddaddy purple

This strain has been around since 2003 and its popular for its fruity taste.

It is a 70% Indica with THC at 17-27%. It has both a mental and physical effect on users leaving them in a state of intense happiness and self-confidence.

  1. The Celebrity Strain: Northern Lights

Its pungent Aroma has made it an award winning multi times.

It?s a 95% Indica with a 16-26 THC percentage with a  CBD level of has a mellow ?high? hence ideal to being used by persons dealing with sleeplessness, and anxiety

  1. The Euphoric Strain: Girl Scout Cookies

It?s 60% Indica with a 28% THC level and has won many awards for this high percentage of THC, also making it the strongest strain in the market.

With a 60% Indica and 40% sativa concentration its gives both effects making it a special strain. Has an earthy and sweet aroma and flavour. It?s popular for pain relief, boosting appetite and easing nausea. It?s famous for its effect on users for its ability to send them on a euphoric state.

  1. The Urban Legend Strain: G-13

A 70% Indica containing 22-24% THC. It is the only strain bred by the U.S government.

Has a strong Oranges Aroma and popular for medicinal values .can be used by persons suffering from  muscle spasms, appetite loss, anxiety ,depression and nausea, though not recommended for people looking for energy boost.

  1. The Stress Busting Strain: Afghani

It?s a pure Indica with 20% THC. It?s popular for its relaxing effects on users hence mostly used by people with anxiety, depression, and chronic pains. With its sweet flavour and earthy aroma Afghani has a mood boosting effect that leaves the users in an intense happiness mood.

Can be used for medicinal purposes for it has a deep relaxed ?High? without a hard hitting ?high?.


Contrary to what many cannabis users look for, Indica does not have a hard ?hitting ?high? but gives the users? relaxed feeling boosts intense happiness and also self-confidence. Indica has more CBD concentration than the THC making it a sedative and can cause drowsiness if not taken with precaution.