An Article on Effects of Cannabis and liquid/drink options

Cannabis and liquid/drink options has both the negative, and positive effects on human health. Cannabis is a euphoric drug. Cannabis is a plant with some leaves Weed Smart over web The leaves are used to process drinks. 

Cannabis and liquid/drink options are illegally processed. 


Cannabis is planted in certain places. In our place it is illegal to plant cannabis. When caught with cannabis and liquid/ drink options you are either jailed or charged a fine. It is an offence to carry cannabis. Therefore, people in our place find it easy to carry it when diluted in drinks/liquids. 

cannabis is mainly sniffed. It has a great impact on mental health. Addicts on cannabis and liquid/drinks options have mood disorders. 


There are quite a number of negative impacts of cannabis and liquid/drink options on human health. The following are negative outcome of cannabis. 

1.Mental Sickness 

2.Psychological sickness 


Positive Effects of cannabis and liquid/drink options 

1.Treatment – Cannabis and liquid/drink options are used to make drugs. 

The drugs used in surgery contain cannabis. Cannabis relieves pain, and sedate a person to sleep. Hence surgery is done successfully. 


Where to find cannabis and liquid/drinks options 

It is mainly found in most developed places. In our place it is a crime to plant or be caught with cannabis. In case a person is caught with cannabis. He is found guilty. Then he/she can either be jailed or charged a fine as per regulations stated in the law. 

Some people plant cannabis. Although, it is illegal. They also succeed to sell cannabis at night. 

On research conducted cannabis is planted in far hidden dark places. Probably where there are many trees and wild animals. A place where nobody can dare imagine. 


How to use cannabis and liquid/drinks options 

1.In surgery measure the required amount as prescribed. Exceeded amount may affect a person health. 


Precaution and Safety on Using Cannabis and liquid/drink options 

1.Don’t exceed the amount. 

2.Follow instructions as directed. 


Addicts must seek medical care for treatment. 

Psychologically affected persons should undergo therapeutic counseling. 


To curb cannabis and liquid/drink options 

1.Enforce law- The persons caught with cannabis and liquid/drink options must be disciplined as stated in law. 

2.Set rules and regulations to be  


3.Adhere to rules and regulations  


4.Lockdown There should be a 

  lockdown at night. To monitor 

  and check what is carried at 


5.There should be restrictions of 

  carrying luggage’s at night. 

6.Suspects must be checked  



Symptoms of Addicts on cannabis and liquid/drink options 

1.Confusion- You may find somebody walking around looking upset. 

2.Anxiety -One has tendency of wanting to know. Anxious characters are not patient. 

3.Insomnia- a person cannot sleep. He or She has sleepless night. 

4.Overdoing Things-Tendency of engaging in activities for long. They may not find time  

  to rest and eat. 

5.Lack of self-control- They cannot know their basic needs e.g. food, cloth, shelter. 

6.Hyperactive-They overreacts often on small things. 

7.Forget-They forget easily.