Looking Into How Legalization Of Weed Changed Colorado

When it comes to how legalization of weed changed Colorado and the impact that weed has had on all the public health state measures that have been taken, the results for this have been found to be pretty low. Just after 3 years when the legalization of the commercial markets of weed came into place in Colorado, the non-profitable organization that favored this legalization acknowledged the fact that it was simply too early for any line to be drawn.

However, when it comes to the DPA?s readings that were carried out, it was found that the end results were a bit encouraging before everything started out. Below is what the DPA report was able to find in regards to how legalization of weed changed Colorado.

  • The use of teen weed is unchanged

According to reports that were carried out in the state of Colorado, it was found that there were no visible significant changes in regards to the use of weed even after its legalization This is definitely an important issue that needs to be looked at mainly because of the fact that when young people start to engage in weed, then they are more likely to become more dependent and may start to make use of lots of drugs later on in the future. Because of this, the risk of mental and health problems is bound to increase especially when it comes to the use of weed.

However, opponents of the legalization have on numerous occasions tried to prove that the legalization has increased the number of teens who are making use of weed. However, according to experts, they have found that this trend was still the in place long before the legalization was put in place. All the preliminary data that has been provided has gone to prove that there is really no impact that the has had on how the youth make use of weed.

  • Arrests of youth because of weed use has decreased

After the legalization, it was found that the cultivation, the possession as well as the distribution of weed was found to have reduced. The reduction of these arrests has also saved the jurisdiction a lot of money especially since it has played a major role in the prevention of criminalization of residents especially the youth. The simple fact that states are no longer making arrests of weed violations, a lot of money is been saved in the long run.

  • No impact on traffic fatalities

The rate of traffic fatalities has been found to have remained consistent even with the levels of pre-legalization. Even though it may have an impact, the statistics do not go to prove that this is the case.